Worlds Beyond is a composite book made up of stories from various cultures about early travels into the Higher Realms. Compiled in -403 Reformed by scholars in Rigvar, the book took its title from the first story included in it, To See A World Beyond.

Included Works Edit

There are a total of six stories in Worlds Beyond, written over a span of 600 years. These are listed in the order they appear in the compilation.

  1. To See A World Beyond: A detailed account of the first expedition into the Higher Realms, which set out from Herotia in -1235.
  2. Races Beyond: A careful study on the creatures and other forms of life that inhabit the space between divine realms, published in -620.
  3. In Care of Shast: A poem of praise written by a member of the Cult of Shast who claims to have spent some time living in the goddess' realm, originally published in -1073.
  4. Exile of the Great Court: A surreal legend presumably written by Igbar the Mad, a wanderer in Hilsaf who claims to have found his way into the great void beyond the Higher Realms and looked upon the very face of the Banished. The scrawled tale was found among his belongings at his death in -1108.
  5. Spheres of the Firmament: Records of an expedition from Marqun that set out to document the nature of the godly realms of the Firmament. The expedition returned and published their tale in -812.
  6. Magus Ascendant: The tale of Magus, an Ysdræni adventurer who entered the Higher Realms alone in -927 and stole the knowledge of magic from Krophis.

Fatebound Edit

Portions of Worlds Beyond will appear in abridged form as lore between chapters of the webcomic, Fatebound.