In Oolbatism, the Seeker is any of a series of individuals sent into the Age of the Seeker to deliver sacred artifacts to the reincarnated Oolbat.

Role Edit

It is believed that, when they finally die, the Oolbat always dies in the evening and is born again in the morning. During the period between, the soul of the Oolbat is believed to be in a state of limbo, traveling to their new body and unable to affect the world. In order for the chain of Oolbat succession to remain unbroken, the reincarnation must have access to their sacred implements, the Gilded Dagger and the Staff of the Oolbat. The Seeker has the task of making this delivery.

Selection Edit

Immediately following the death of the Oolbat, lots are cast to determine who the Seeker shall be. It is always someone who lives within an hour's ride of the temple, as it is vitally important that the artifacts reach them quickly. While the actual casting of lots is done in secret and no one not taking part knows how residents are tracked, it is known that the area surrounding Refuge is already split into planned sections, and the lots decide a section, then a home, then a resident. The youngest Seeker was 12 years old and the oldest was 53, though it is unknown whether there are age limits involved in the actual selection process.

Dangers Edit

The Seeker must travel to a specific point in a massive area. The Oolbat may be born anywhere within Kendrin, and the Seeker does not actually know where they're going when they set out and must rely on guidance believed to be provided by the artifacts themselves. As such, the Seeker faces all the risks associated with travel, and with little, if any, time to pack provisions or prepare in any way.

During this journey, they are exposed to the full power of Illusion, who actively works to prevent them from reaching the Oolbat in time. Accounts from Seekers suggest that this may be anything, including actual combat with servants of Illusion and psychological manipulation intended to misdirect or demoralize the Seeker.

So far, every Seeker has apparently been successful in their mission.

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