Refuge is an autonomous city in western Frindar. It serves as the functional capital for Kendrin and houses the temple in which the Oolbat lives.

Early History Edit

The area around Refuge has been inhabited since prehistoric times, surviving on a blend of agriculture and fishing. Challabahn seems to have been from somewhere nearby, and established a temple named Refuge in -1610 Reformed.

City of Refuge Edit

In the year 21 Richan, as recorded in the Batsi Calendar, Oolbat Richan determined that it was crucial that the word of Oolbatism spread quickly if they hoped to lead much of humanity to the True World. As such, she sent out about half of her disciples to begin traveling around Frindar and inviting people to follow their teachings. Many of those who converted traveled to the temple to hear from the Oolbat directly, and those who stayed established a city surrounding the temple and taking on its name.