Lophael was the only surviving witness to the final battle of the Great War and the founder of Phaelism. He is alternately referred to as the King of Mages.

As he appears in the Epic ofHadral
Vital statistics
First Appearance Unknown
Most Recent Appearance Unknown
Race Human - Vorelli
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Early Life Edit

Little is known of Lophael's youth, save that he was born in -109 Reformed and spent much of his early life in the Pichmar River delta. He was part of a noble house in what would become Vorell, and references indicate he was the maternal great-uncle of Bernidar. He traveled to Lancbog in his mid-teens to study magic more intensely, and there read a tome called On Spirits and Crossings, which included an often-overlooked passage claiming that Raeshi would reward anyone who could return five of the Wandering to her domain with two questions or favors from the gods. Intrigued, he began to study the tome in earnest, seeking ways to hunt and slay Wandering. In -88, he set out with his completed studies and began hunting.

Hunting Period Edit

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