Khadaka is the name of both the Phaelist deity of land, and the name of the world in the languages of people which have been historically associated with Phaelism.

Khadaka (world) Edit

For more information, see full article: Geography of Khadaka

Khadaka is the second planet in the Sholis system, with one natural satellite. It is the only planet known to harbor life, though there is speculation that accounts of the Higher Realms may have been describing early forms of magical space travel rather than spiritual experiences - if this is true, then the beings encountered there may be evidence of alien life.

Khadaka has a circumference of roughly 26,000 miles and nearly 80% of its surface is covered in water. It has five major landmasses: Hilsaf, Veşti, Prindern, Frindar, and Marqun.

Khadaka (deity) Edit

Khadaka is the Phaelist god of land, and the planet itself is believed to be both a manifestation of him and his realm. He is the only deity in Phaelism who is not believed to have a home in the Higher Realms, having his kingdom underground instead.

There is some debate among Phaelists about whether or not the islands of Tempest are actually part of his domain. There is nothing in Lophael's teachings that suggests there may be land that isn't, but the general belief that these islands are somehow shielded from the sight and powers of the gods suggests that they must be external to his nature.

He is the wife of Mora and the father of the Mountain King. As a god of the Firmament, he is believed by Phaelists to be actively opposed to mankind; and thanks to his constant proximity, the magic deriving from his powers are seen as among the most dangerous to meddle with. While officially only the god of land in a general sense, he is often considered to have dominion over every solid element and alloy. When he manifests in a divine form, he is believed to be a massive humanoid composed entirely of living Asintharp, the mythical element believed to have been the original substance of the world before it broke down into the crude elements we see today. He is rarely active in Phaelist lore, so much less is known about him than his peers.

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