The Hasberan Sea is a large body of water situated between the continents of Veşti to the north and Prindern to the south. It is open to the Syphonic Ocean to the east and the Morabin Ocean to the west, though the eastern mouth is partially obscured by the Naofa Islands extending from the northeastern coast of Prindern. Tempest, a complicated group of islands that sit beneath a constant magical storm, makes up the only other notable land within the Hasberan Sea.

Ecology and Environment Edit

The Hasberan is a saltwater sea. It sits just north of the equator, and thus hosts a variety of tropical ocean fish. While it is open to the ocean at both ends, the presence of the continents limits storm activity and redirects most major currents enough that the sea hosts generally calmer waters than either ocean. It also has a lower salinity, thanks to the number of freshwater rivers feeding into it and the relatively slow currents from the ocean. This combination produces many unique tropical fish, adapted from cousins in the more open waters. The Hasberan also boasts more coral activity than any other body of water on Khadaka, which are extensively mapped thanks to the long history of trade and warfare between Veşti and Prindern.

The islands of Tempest are unique in nearly every way, and while the islands themselves are populated by fae, the waters beneath the Gyre are not separated from those of the rest of the sea. As such, the ocean life is heavily intermingled. While Tempest hosts very distinct underwater plant life, apparently affected by the same forces that shape the islands, any life that travels in and out of Tempest spreads the biological influence of the Gyre across the sea.

The Naofa islands, however, are much more mundane and have similar life to Prindern. Many of these species have adapted to island life, and are eagerly studied by scientists from all over the world.

Culture Edit

Mankind began sailing across the Hasberan in prehistoric times, and as such recorded history has always shown certain similarities between the southern coast of Veşti and the northern coast of Prindern.