Fauns are a race of Fae who have become known for their ability to survive outside of Tempest, their generally friendly demeanor, intelligence, navigational skills, and involvement in the Epic of Hadral. Fauns are the only race of Fae who willingly take to sea with human ships, and serve many pirate vessels within Tempest as navigators of excellent renown. They are much more willing to work with pirates and explorers than with the colonial settlements of the outer rim, which causes the race to be often portrayed as outlaws and brutish monsters on the mainlands of the nations who battle for control of the islands.

Fauns stand about four feet tall. They are humanoid, with goat-like horns, eyes, legs, and tails. Their appearance is surprisingly consistent across Tempest, the only major variation being subraces that have the qualities of sheep, bison, or camels instead of goats. Fauns have their own language which can be learned by humans, and they are able to learn human languages, as well. While empires active in Tempest generally view them as subhuman, those who serve with fauns on ships or live on the inner rim islands and Vortex commonly treat them as equals.